May 28, 2011

Anita Bell

Anita holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of WA, with a major in English Literature and a minor in Ancient History, both of which have been marginally helpful in her career as she has come across many who believe they are legends or gods and  many whom have definitely proven to be classics.

                               Good Hair Day

 She commenced her marketing career in the 80’s with JMG Marketing in Perth, a stalwart Western Australian Agency that pioneered the first forays in a concept known as Direct Marketing. Principles learnt and espoused at JMG (‘know your customer and speak to them one-on-one’) still ring true today; only the level of technology to deliver these fundamentals have changed.

In the 90’s Anita spent a great deal of her waking hours around the ever developing world of Call Centres and worked with some talented people who were experts in front-line customer service.

After being seduced back into Direct Marketing and seconded to work on the Sydney 2000 Olympics for Network 7 in Sydney, Anita and her family eventually returned to Perth. She has been heavily involved in the not-for-profit sector, in both a paid and voluntary capacity and has done everything from 800 seat fundraising events to establishing a new charity from scratch.

She uses her skills in writing to produce copy and content marketing, and has even helped write a book of the family and history of one of their favourite clients, Cullen Wines.

Throughout each role from senior manager to event manager to small business owner, she has found a different element of a recurring theme; the essential principle of excellent customer service, effective communication and management of customer relationships. These diverse roles have all contributed to an invaluable range of skills and experiences that she brings to Monkey Logic.

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