May 30, 2011

Our Philosophy

Understand your Customers

Quite simply, we are passionate about customers.  We love them!  We are a customer focused communications consultancy that understands the importance of customer insight to drive business performance.

We understand the principle that all customers are not created equal, and so you need to understand them – all of them.  For example, who they are, where they live, what they think and what they spend their money on.  This understanding can shape your communication plans, sales model, retail network plan, product range – in fact your entire marketing strategy.

Communicate with Customers

Knowing who your customers are is one thing, learning how to talk to them is another, but every bit as important. You want to give your customers a reason to choose you over every other competitor out there, and talking to them regularly with relevant content, genuine offers, rewards or helpful advice is a great way to keep them engaged. The aim is to know your customers, find more of the same and move them along the customer loyalty ladder to eventually become your greatest advocates. Monkey Logic can help you develop an effective communication plan that can integrate all aspects of your marketing efforts, including online, social media and direct marketing.

Data is Key

The core to a better understanding of your customers and markets is data.  Most businesses will have access to an enormous amount of data about the customers they have and the markets they operate within.  The challenge is to collate this data into a meaningful form – then analyse and enhance it to provide key customer insights to drive your business.

We can help you understand what data you have in your business, devise solutions to best understand and manage this data and what options you have to enhance your data.  This will ultimately create more relevant and targeted communications to your customers.

Deliver the Best

Just as we promote the understanding of your customers, we look to understand you as our client, and offer personalised and timely service. We don’t have shareholders, top heavy management, senior account directors  or huge rent for impressive offices in the right address to cover. What we do is just effective, honest and down to earth work which combines your business’ personality and our effective solutions.

Our network of local and interstate providers, many of whom we have worked with for a long time, allow us to access design, data analysis, list sourcing, web design, search engine optimisation, media planning, digital and print specialists. And it’s about finding the right business to step you through the entire process. At Monkey Logic we are small enough to care about every client and form an integral partnership for your success, but we are big enough to bring you the very best, world class technology to see you into the future.


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